Monday, November 29, 2010

[In case you missed it] Lloyd caught up with UK's #1 DJ Tim Westwood for an interview and some laughs!!

Lloyd talks women, musical influences and more:

Retrospective; Lloyd & Tim Westwood:

 Lloyd speaks about the new single and album:

Video: Lil Wayne Joins Tyga On Stage At Bayou Classic Fan Fest Show In New Orleans!

Wezzy joined Tyga on stage over the weekend in his native New Orleans for the Bayou Classic Fan Fest concert. Mack Mane, Lil Twist, and Lil Chickie joined them on stage, and Lloyd made a surprise appearance to perform Bedrock!

Video: Kid Cudi documentary footage set to 'Mojo So Dope'!!

Check out a clip from the “Journey of Mr. Rager” documentary, a look into Cudi’s lifestyle to the tune of “Mojo So Dope” from Man on the Moon II. Documentary is available on the MOTM II Deluxe edition...

Rihanna covers Britsh GQ for January 2011!! Check out the picks!!

Video: Keri Hilson feat. Rick Ross "The Way You Love Me"

Keri brings out a ton of cameos for her latest video from the upcoming album 'No Boys Allowed', due out 12/21/10!! Let us know what you think...

Friday, November 26, 2010

New album promo images!! King of Hearts coming in February!!

Keri Hilson covers VIBE Magazine + guest editor!

We've showed you T.I.'s cover for VIBE's Dec/Jan issue, now check out the Keri Hilon's cover for the same issue...

Keri also serves as guest editor for the check it out here.

New Album 'No Boys Allowed' coming 12/21!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drake And Fuse TV Team Up To Air Concert On Thanksgiving [Video]

Drake and Fuse TV have joined forces to bring fans a front row seat to an exclusive concert featuring the artist.

Fuse will air Drake's September 29th performance from the iconic Radio City Music Hall on November 24th, only on the Fuse network.

“If I could perform every night and make it to every city, I would,” Drake said in a statement.  “Partnering with Fuse to broadcast my Radio City show allows me to perform for the fans that weren't able to make it out to my Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour. Performing at a venue like Radio City is an honor and I'm excited that Fuse has given me a chance to preserve it.”

“Fuse Presents: Drake Live From Radio City Music Hall,” will feature songs from Drake's debut  album Thank Me Later and will include special appearances by Trey Songz, Birdman and Fabolous, among others.

“Fuse Presents: Drake Live From Radio City Music Hall,” is Drake's first ever televised concert  and will be aired with limited commercial interruptions on Thanksgiving Day [November 24th] at 9p.

Video & Pics: Behind the scenes with Keri Hilson | 'No Boys Allowed' album coming 12/21!!

Kanye West Covers Complex’s Dec/Jan 2011 Issue!


12:09 pm | Monday, November 22nd, 2010
Once again, Kanye has floored us all with the album of the year, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which officially hits stores today. Complex was lucky enough to get a glimpse inside the making of this masterpiece for our December/January 2011 cover story. In fact, it’s the ultimate fly-on-the-wall account: Earlier this year, our editor-in-chief, Noah Callahan-Bever, was invited out to Kanye’s rap fantasy camp in Hawaii to watch the magic happen. We also got some of the major players involved in the album (Pusha T, Pete Rock, Nicki Minaj, etc) to break down their experience, and as an online exclusive, we have a gallery filled with 40 behind-the-scenes Hawaii photos. The issue officially hits stands on December 7, but we’re giving you a chance to check out the full package now.

T.I Covers The Latest VIBE Talks Drugs Habit, Eminem & More

Days before he reported back to prison, T.I. sat down with VIBE's Erik Parker and gave his most candid interview to date. Here is an excerpt from the explosive cover story.

I’ve heard you mention how the good that you’ve done is easily forgotten. Do you feel that you’ve been treated unfairly?
If I place my value in the way humans treat me, then maybe. But they’re human, man―they can’t help themselves. They do that to people they know personally. So how can I expect them to treat me, only knowing me through television? They did that to Jesus. They did that to Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali. They did it to every great person you could possibly think of. When it was all good, they was with them. When things got bad, then they was against them.

But in this case things didn’t “get bad.” It’s something you did.
Let me just say this: [he sits up on the couch] If you look at a guy who came up, no pops in the house, moms on welfare, food stamps; started selling dope when he was 12, 13 years old, came up handling guns, being in shoot-outs; started going to jail when he was 15. In all of this chaos and this mischief and lawlessness, the person who was just in jail for machine guns and silencers turns his life around. And now you want to crucify him ―for what? Three pills. I mean, of course it’s wrong and unacceptable and inexcusable. No problem. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s rather petty. It’s rather petty to hold someone’s feet to the fire for something so small when they have overcame things that were so big. All that could have been going wrong―if I was riding with more guns, or if I had gotten into a shoot-out and killed somebody, then I could see that. But just think about it. I’ve gotten it down to this much.

How did you get a drug habit?
I had a lot of work done to my teeth. Oral surgery, extractions, six, seven, eight root canals. Between January to February. As soon as I got out, I had a lot of stuff done. In the joint, you eat shit that is unhealthy for you. I had fillings that fell out and stuff that had to get dealt with. Of course for the pain they gave me oxycontin and hydrocodone. And, mind you, on October 13, 2007, I had cut off everything―weed, alcohol. Then I get these pills and I start taking them for the pain at first. And then I’m like, Wait―this shit makes me feel good. And it’s legal. After the pain went away, I kept taking it. I had like five, six prescriptions. So I had, like 80 pills. Everybody else might have a drink or smoke a blunt, I took a pain pill. Times when I had 18-, 20-hour days, I’d take a pain pill. And eventually I developed―I guess―the beginning stages of dependence.

Have you talked to Eminem about addiction?
Sure. We got a record together, and we talked a lot. I asked him how he knew he was an addict. Basically if you put yourself in harm’s way... if you risk that, you’ve got to assume that there is something fundamentally wrong with your thought process.


Pics: @Lloyd_YG & @50Cent on the set of "Let's Get It In" video!!

NYE Live with Lloyd!! Come bring in the new year live with Lloyd at Sobe Live on South Beach!!!

"Let's Get It In"- Lloyd Live NYE @ Sobe Live!!

Lloyd Banks 'H.F.M. 2' (Hunger For More: 2) In-Stores Now!! Incudes "Any Girl" feat Lloyd!! Plus Kanye West, 50 Cent, Akon, Fabolous, and many more!!

1. "Take 'Em to War" (featuring Tony Yayo)
2. "Unexplainable" (featuring Styles P)
3. "Payback (P's and Q's)" (featuring 50 Cent)
4. "Home Sweet Home" (featuring Pusha T) 
5. "Beamer, Benz, or Bentley" (featuring Juelz Santana)
6. "So Forgetful" (featuring Ryan Leslie)
7. "Father Time"
8. "Start It Up" (featuring Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, Ryan Leslie & Fabolous)
9. "Celebrity" (featuring Akon)
10. "On the Double"
11. "Any Girl" (featuring Lloyd)
12. "I Don't Deserve You" (featuring Jeremih)
13. "Sooner or Later (Die 1 Day)" (featuring Raekwon)

FYE bonus tracks
14. "This Is the Life"
15. "Stuntin'"

iTunes bonus tracks
16. "Kill It" (featuring Governor)
17. "Where I'm At" (featuring Eminem)
  Buy Now:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lloyd to perform at Zone 4 Thanksgiving Carnival Tuesday 11/23!! Watch it live on UStream!!

Zone 4, Polow da Don and Foundation FOCUS'
4th Annual Carnival and Thanksgiving Concert Live on Ustream this Tuesday 6pm-8pm EST.
Tune in and watch Lloyd perform live along with label mate Keri Hilson at!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Video: Jay-Z talks 'Decoded' with late night host David Letterman!

Last night, Jay-Z sat down with David Letterman to discuss his new book Decoded.  Check it out!

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Congrats to Drake! Cover's GQ Magazines 2010 Men of the Year issue!

Check out Drake's GQ cover! He was named 'Breakout of the Year'! Others in the issue include Jeff Bridges (’Icon of the Year’), Stephen Colbert (’Patriot of the Year’), James Franco (’Leading Man of the Year’) and Scarlett Johansson (’Babe of the Year’)!

Pick up Drake's GQ cover on newsstands everywhere Tuesday, November 23rd!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kid Cudi's nightmarish movie inspired album trailer and posters for 'Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager'!!!

New Bun-B feat. Drake video + New song by Keri Hilson feat. Lil Kim!

New Bun B Ft Drake - "Put It Down" [Video]

Keri Hilson feat. Lil Kim - "By You" 
Click Here to listen!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fan video pick of the week! Drake brings out Lloyd and Tyga in Las Vegas for final concert!

Submit your Lloyd fan video today!! Post the link of your fan video in the comment box and your video could be featured next week!

VIdeo: MTV News Live Blog covers Drake's Final Concert in Las Vegas | Weezy's return to the stage + Lloyd and Tyga!!!

After traveling across the country, Drake will close his Lights Dreams And Nightmares Tour—the first headlining run of his career—on Saturday (November 6) in Las Vegas. Honestly, this night is also special because a certain Young Money Cash Money affiliate may grace the stage alongside Drizzy. Are you ready?

1:44 a.m. SC: One last shot of the crowd in Las Vegas as they depart possibly the best concert they've ever seen.

1:38 a.m. JR: The crowd is chanting "Weezy, Weezy, Weezy" as Drake ends the night. He's bringing out the whole OVO click and thanking the fans for supporting him during the past eight months. Drake is shouting out Wayne, saying "It's great to have you home. Young Money, we back together. I promise you we will not disappoint you."

1:35 a.m. RD: The building is speechless.

1:33 a.m. JR/SC: Drake's performing "Over." Drake says "Tonight is the best night of his life!" Sparks are streaming from the ceiling of the stage, the show is peaking. Weezy is truly back, Baby is shinning, Tyga's elated and even Lloyd is beaming. Las Vegas is truly blessed to witness this moment in history. I've seen enough gifts to know when you're in a special moment. Drake, the leader of the now school!

For the full play by play of the concert click here.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Video: Lloyd speaks on the music industry, Youtube haters, and Diddy being a hero!!

The Music Industry and 360 Deals:

We Need More Heroes:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lil Wayne freed as T.I. begins serving 11 months | Albums from both on the way + New T.I. & Chris Brown video!!!

After serving an 8 month sentence at Riker's Island on weapons charges, Lil Wayne was freed today much to the delight of his fans and supporters. Unfortunately, this week saw T.I. turn himself in to serve 11 months for a probation violation, stemming from a weapons conviction back in 2009.

Wayne watched from behind bars as his Young Money label flourished with the success of Drake and Nicki Minaj, as well as the success of his own album 'I Am Not A Human Being', which became the first album by a rapper since Tupac's 1995 'Me Against the World' to top the billboard charts from behind bars. Now all eyes are on Wayne as fans look forward to the highly anticipated 'The Carter 4' album.

Like Lil Wayne,  T.I. plans on releasing his new album 'No Mercy' from prison. Previously title 'King Uncaged', 'No Mercy' will hit stores on December 7th, a followup to his double platinum selling album 'Papertrail'. Check out the first single "Get Back Up" featuring Chris Brown.

George Bush speaks on Kanye West, "... it was one of the most disgusting moments of my presidency". Hip-Hop experts react!

Hip-Hop Experts React To George Bush's Kanye Comments

Like Bill Clinton and Lil Wayne, George Bush cares what Kanye West has to say.

In an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Bush relayed that the lowest point of his presidency was in 2005 when, during a live benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina victims on NBC, West broke from the script and told the world “George Bush does not care about Black people.”

"I resent it, it's not true, and it was one of the most disgusting moments of my presidency," Bush told Lauer.

Bush’s tenure as Commander in Chief was controversial for a number of reasons—including the war in Iraq and the economic crisis—but most intriguing was the former President’s commentary admitting that while he was the leader of the free world, was worried about what West, a humble rapper/producer from Chicago, had to say.
Here’s what a selection of esteemed hip-hop journalists and bloggers had to say about the 43rd president’s admission, beginning with his “of course I’m not a racist” please.

Continue here...

Video: "Lays It Down" with Lloyd on the set of his video!