Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lloyd drops new single "Cupid"!! Here it here first!! KOH coming soon!!

In the aftermath of a successful 'Love Faces Tour' with Trey Songz, which rocked New York, DC, Detroit and Chicago over Valentine's Weekend, love is still in the air as Lloyd drops his new single "Cupid", a classic melodic love song that's still bass heavy enough rattle your trunk. "Cupid", a follow up to Lloyd's hit single "Lay It Down", is the official second single from the forthcoming album 'King of Hearts' due out this spring!!


Lay It Down - The Remixes - EP on iTunes Now!! Featuring R. Kelly, Young Jeezy, Pattie LaBelle and B.o.B!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

[Video] Lloyd Debuts New Song ‘Angel’ live on Love Faces Tour!!

Lloyd sat behind the piano and debuted a new song called "Angel" on the Love Faces Tour this past weekend. Check out fan cam footage of Lloyd's Washington D.C. performance of "Angel", from the upcoming album 'King of Hearts', and look out for the new single "Cupid" coming soon!

[Video] Lloyd talks 'Love Faces Tour' excusively with TheYBF.com!!

[Video] Valentine's Day Love Gurus Trey Songz, Lloyd Dole Out Tips!

MTV News caught up with two of the smoothest guys in the R&B game for advice on how to lay it down.

Naked movie nights, surprise candelight dinners and a heart-shaped box of ... honesty. Trey Songz and Lloyd, card-carrying members of the R&B smooth dudes club, have some interesting ideas about how to lay it down on the most romantic day of the year. So for the millions of American men who woke up on Monday morning (February 14) seeing red — roses and lacy lingerie, that is — and suffering the high-expectations performance anxiety of Valentine's Day, you're in luck!

MTV News caught up with the Love Faces tourmates just as the pre-holiday weekend kicked off and asked them for their foolproof guide to making your significant other "say aah."

While Trey sagely warned against letting the holiday "sneak up on you" ("you know, Valentine's, you gotta prepare for that, you gotta be ready"), he also said that it doesn't take a lot to score high marks. "If it's genuine, you'll go out of your way to make sure that person feels good. And if you're a genuine person, I don't think money or how much someone can buy you can make you feel that way," he told us.

Like the "I Invented Sex" singer, Lloyd goes for inventiveness over excess when making plans. He went on to detail his idea of a flawless V-Day.

"A perfect Valentine's Day? Anytime that we can wear the least amount of clothes as possible, it's a great day for me. So if we can just find somewhere and be naked," or as the New Orleans native pronounced it, nekkid, "for long periods of time: eat nekkid, cook nekkid, watch movies nekkid, obviously take a nekkid shower. Anything that doesn't require clothing I think is a great, great date," he said as we blushed.

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Lloyd's Valentine's Day Top 10's...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Top 10 Songs for Valentine’s Day
10. Usher- Nice & Slow
9. Maxwell- A Woman’s Work
8. John Mayer- Your Body is a Wonderland
7. Cold Play- Yellow
6. Nat King Cole- Unforgettable
5. R.Kelly- Your Body’s Callin’
4. Prince- Adore
3. Jodeci- Forever My Lady
2. Michael Jackson- Lady in my Life
1. Frank Sinatra- My Funny Valentine
Top 10 Romantic Gifts to Get Your Guy

10. Cologne (Creed)
9. Stripper Pole
8. Tattoo of my name
7. Ménage ‘a Trois
6. Get yourself pampered to look your best (hair, nails, bikini wax, etc.)
5. Get yourself some new lingerie
4. Lap dance
3. Full body massage (with a happy ending!)
2. Bottle of wine (anything that's old and hard to pronounce)
1. Home cooked meal (doesn't matter what the meal is, we'll probably skip it and go straight for dessert!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Lay It Down - The Remixes" coming to iTunes on 2/15!

COMING to iTunes 2/15!!!

Win a trip to Chicago to see Lloyd perform live on Valentine's Day with Trey Songz. Sponsored by TheYBF.com!

Still looking for the perfect place to take your sweetheart out on a date? TheYBF.com's got you. While your friends are making reservations at a local restaurant and arranging flower deliveries, TheYBF.com has teamed up with Interscope to fly 2 of their readers to Chicago to see Lloyd in concert!


In honor of his upcoming album, King of Hearts, Lloyd is playing "Cupid" by sending one lucky YBF reader and guest to his upcoming show in Chicago! And it's all going down on Valentine's Day!

To enter, click here.

The lucky lovebirds (or friends...or "friends") will win a trip for two to see Lloyd perform in Chicago on February 14th, 2011.

The trip includes roundtrip airfare, hotel and ground transportation, as well as two tickets to the Valentine's Day concert, and backstage passes to kick it with the cutie himself!

Contest ends on Thursday, February 10th at midnight/EST! Good luck to all the YBF lovers out there!

*One winner is chosen at random and winner brings a guest.
**Winner and his/her guest must be available to fly to Chicago 2/13 or 2/14.
***NO E-mail entries taken.
****At least 1 member of the two-person part must be over 18.

R&B Singer Lloyd on pre-show tequila, pot and performing naked!

Zap2it caught up with R&B crooner Lloyd to chat about everything from his upcoming album "King of Hearts," to leaving it all on stage (often times, including his clothes) and even his childhood ambitions. We gotta give it to the guy for honesty, and we can't imagine that seeing a live performance would be anything less than absolutely entertaining. 

We're sure Lloyd wouldn't trade his current gig for the world, but growing up, he didn't always want to be a performer. As a kid, he actually wanted to be a pilot -- saying, "They got a whole plane full of girls, you know, stewardesses...I used to think pilots were pimps... that's an incorrect assumption."

While he may not be flying the planes nowadays, he certainly gets to travel his fair share.

Fresh off a European tour, the crooner hit London and Amsterdam earlier this year to drum up excitement for his latest project. He tells us he even dabbled in some of the local fare, calling Amsterdam coffee shops "The eighth wonder of the world."

"I got a little too loaded before my show," he admits of that special herb which makes the city famous. "It was interesting. I don't think I'll be doing that again."

One pre-show ritual he will continue stick by, is "Tequila, Tequila, Tequila." Continue reading...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[Video] Lloyd on The Monique Show!! Check out the interview and performacne!!

In case you missed it, check out Lloyd's interview and performacne on BET's The Monique Show which aired on 2/1/11... King of Hearts album coming soon!!

Lloyd Interview + Live Performance on the Monique Show
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