Thursday, October 1, 2009

Setting the record straight on my Ciara comments in Hip Hop Weekly...

Let’s set the record straight on my “Hollywood B*tches” comment in Hip Hop Weekly. I said what I said and I stand by it. But read exactly what I said, then judge me. The truth is, I don’t fuck with Hollywood B*tches (or Hollywood Ni**as for that matter). No, I’m not calling Ciara a b*tch, I’m saying that I think celebrity status changed her for the worse, and because of that, we don’t get down anymore.

Yesterday I spoke to CiCi for the first time in years. I called her to explain my comments and to let her know how I felt about the situation. We had a good one-on-one conversation that will remain between us. I respect and I love CiCi like family, but sometimes family are the only ones that will tell you the truth. I’m sure I could have found a better way to tell her, but what’s done is done. We're moving on.

The funny thing is, this Ciara question was the last question in the HHW interview. At first, I lied and made up some answer to make it seem like we were still cool. But when I hung up the phone, I felt like I shoulda just kept it real, so I called back and answered the question honestly. Maybe a little too honestly. But fair is fair, if I start acting Hollywood, someone that knew me before the fame should call me out too. I wish CiCi the best.

Shout out to Dave Mays and Hip Hop Weekly. Peace.


  1. Lloyd I really think that u are the best!!!!! you can sing dance be funny be lovely and still remain humble. You've got some real fans out there!!!!!hope u know it.
    Much love

  2. Lloyd if Ciara is "like family" to you, you don't run to the non-friendly media and put your "fam" on blast. How could you not know they were going to take your comment and run with it? And what did you accomplish buy putting that out there? You take your problems with a person directly to the person -- in PRIVATE! The world don't need to know all your business. I don't care...that was real shady of you. Where are your comments about Irv? He nor anyone in his camp have nice words to say about you, but you keep it cool and are very careful with your words on that. I thought you were better than this. You have really turned me off with this move.

  3. Cindy he set the record straight what do u want now. Plus we don't know their private life so i think we can not judge him on 2 words he said... and as a general rule you're harder with pepole u really love...
    If he turned u off with this, then u don't really like him because it hasnt changed anything. He's still the same.And remember noone is perfect not even Lloyd as if he seems to be!!!!!

    Love u Lloyd.

  4. cosign cindy lloyd that was a bitchass move forreal u should have just addressed it with ciara rather than the world and i was supporting u but u just turned me off completely

  5. I'm a HUGE ciara fan and i don't appreciate those comments....i'll leave it at that.

    i mean, if you haven't talked to her in YEARSSSS then how could you know if she REALLY changed. Maybe it was you who changed.

    but i wish you the best

  6. We hear you.
    We commend you.
    We whole-heartedly agree.

    Ciara, isntead of focusing on good music and advancing her dance talent is mingling with empty-headed clebrities simpley for Fame.

    She has a new album coming out, what did the old album do it just came out this summer? I couldn't name a single on there if you paid me cash money right now.

    Lloyd, I'm nowhere near a #1 fan but I will admit that I have liked a few songs. Maybe you need a little Ciara too, we want to see you every now and again doing interviews, being in the scene.. you're nowhere to be found.

    So keep it real.. but don't whore out all the way like Ciara.. tryign to be the 4th kardashian sister..

  7. Also did you two used to date?

  8. Lloyd I applaud u for wanting to set the record straight on how ur comment came to be. I appreciate the fact that u were being honest with ur self first off cuz some ppl cant handle honesty. Regardless of how ppl feel about u, they dont know u nor did they know about ur friendship with Ciara or anyother celeb. Me personally, I dont have an issue with ur comment, its how u felt and that is fine. Ppl need to understand being called a name or being referenced in a negative way means nothing its all in who or what u answer to! So if these fools are pissed about the comment, they need to take a look at Ciara and see what she said about it...(silence) EXACTLY! that's my point! Its not that damn serious. And again thank u, Lloyd, for being honest with us and ur self! much luv always ~ ya gurl, MzDeDaze!

  9. Your problem with Ciara is your problem with Ciara. Period. You were solely looking for attention airing it out. And you don't know what Ciara said about it.

  10. And if Ciara want to hang around the Kardashians, so what. Because she an ATL chick, she can't hang with them...or that mean she is trying to be them. Kim is hanging with her just like Ciara is hanging with Kim. And youre right. We don't know him or Ciara. So there was no reason for him to put THEIR business out on the streets. You have no idea what Ciara felt about it since he chose to share (yet he mad it his business to share his dislike). Defend him all you want, but he was wrong. I don't care how much you don't like Ciara, he was wrong.

  11. Wow, have to say I was thrown by the whole Hollywood BITCHES comment! What part of your sensitive lover/ Mr. Polite game is that?

    Women have to deal with misogyny on a daily basis in this world, your music and the image you pushed was a refreshing change...too bad it was all BS.

    I lost a lot of respect for you, but perhaps I was the sucka for believing the game in the first place. Keep in pimpin' like the rest... (I guess)

  12. Seriously people? Seriously? He voiced HIS fucking opinion. If he felt like Ciara was acting like a Hollywood bitch than so be it! Shit Lloyd is a humble dude, so if he said something like that I'm 100% positive it was for a good gotdamn reason and it doesn't suprise me that Ciara is on that B.S. chill out man. Once he releases another hot single yall ho's will be ridin his nuts once agsin.

  13. I agree with ms.dedaze completely, lloyd, I'm glad that u cleared the air. U was just bein' honest that's all, and if people can't handle honesty, than I feel srry 4 them,lol. I'm glad that u and ciara worked it out.

    …*Dream1st, Luv2nd, Much luv*…


  15. I totally agree with Nija...
    You did what you had to do! Its rather unfortunate that it came out like that! Since you apologized for it and tried to set the record straight then I gotta give it to you.

    Also, if you say she is like family to you, then you should GENUINELY forgive her and try to work with her. You might be the only real friend she has left and the one that may be able to save her from the mess she's begging for!

    *just my thoughts*

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