Monday, November 2, 2009

My Letter to the People #1:

We've all endured our share of hardships in life. Growing up fatherless is a pain that I can personally relate to. I’m taking it upon myself to play a larger role in my community and be a more active role model for fatherless children, and for the community as a whole. If I'm coming to your city, and you would like me to visit your school, Boys and Girls club, or other organization, Tweet me at or e-mail me at

It’s not all a bout selling records. As celebrity figures, it’s up to us to encourage not just the kids that look up to us, but the men and women that we influence as well. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to give back. Sharing your story can be the inspiration that someone else needs to get through their tough times. Growing up without a father, I didn’t have a positive male figure in my life when I needed one most. I had a strong mother and a passion for music that helped to fill my void. I turned the negative energy into creative energy and drive. Let nothing hold you back.

What's one hardship that you've had to endure and overcome in your lifetime? Please share your story with me.


  1. What your doing is every admirable. Keep up the great work. I'm sure a lot of children would appreciate what your doing. Having a father in one's life is very important. It's good to see that you made the best out of your situation and continued to be positive!!

  2. I love that your so positive and give back to the youth. I have had many things to overcome in my lifetime but the thing I worry most about is raising 4 boys without a steady father figure. I feel I have done the best that I can as a mother because they are making it thru the many obstacles a black man has to face in society so far. I like to have a young celebrity to show them that is an example of what hard work and doing what is right can do and you are that celeb. Thanks for being a great example even for the older generation.

  3. No other celebrity would have said it any better. Its great to give back.Share your story with others.Touch there hearts.Lift there heads up. Let them know There is always a way.You are a Excellent Example to the young. I Admire this alot from you and your decisions you made in life. Keep doing your thing. And keeping it Positive.

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  5. Whats going on, Llyod?

    On June 28, 2008 I lost my best friend of 14 years. We went to Junior High, High School and College together..we grew as men together and then he was laid to rest from sickle cell.

    To have a routine laid out and proven most ideal, it then becomes a major task to overcome and move on from such events. Should I look for a replacement best friend aka my boi or do I continue to live life and wait to see what's in store?

    No sure, but it was and still is very painful not having your brother from another mother here in life's physical form.

    Like you though, I use my writing and music to comfort me and take me through the rough patches.

    GOD Bless

  6. I really admire you for what you're doing, you can definately make a difference for children who are in dire need of role model, you're definately someone they can look up too because you're a wonderful and loving man, you have alot to offer, I'm one of the fortunate people to still have my father in my life, I thank the creator for having him in my life every single day, but i can only imagine how hard it was for you growing up without your father; however your mother has done a fine job raising you, I know that you're going to make a terrific father someday my love, continue doing what you're doing and being who you are :-)

  7. Its a wonderful thing to have someone like urself who can identify with alot of the kids who are growing up without their fathers. I myself grew up with just my mom so naturally Ima momma's girl but it woulda been great to have my father there as well. But he made his choice and have to live with it to this day. I am now raising a son who is also without his father. The choice was not mine! So having U as a role model for alot of the children growing up now is a great thing cuz now they can see that they can be whatever they want as long as they have the determination to do and a loving family to back them.

    Lloyd, I, thank you for the encouraging words and love you that are trying to pass on to our kids! We can not do it alone as mothers and as families, it takes a united community.


  8. Thank you Lloyd u are such a source of inspiration for me!!! u have trully changed my life with ur music since day 1. Yes i've been through lot of hard times but having artists just like you, delivering a positive message has helped me a lot. The more i'm reading or hearing u The more I'm loving u. Honestly I don't know how I could thank you or if u can understand what you've done in my life but i'm so thankful to you.

    God bless you. U are the best.
    Once again Thank you!!!

  9. Since before Southside when you were in N-toon, I've always admired your will and determination. When I first listen to "My Life" and then read an article about your childhood I prayed for you then. It's so refreshing to see a young man wanting others to have more than he had growing up. I supported you then and I support you now. God bless you in all the positive things that you do.

  10. God Bless you Lloyd!
    I have never experienced death before and so I cannot say I know what its like but I've had close friends loose someone they really loved and watching them go through all that pain made me feel like I was going through the same... Luckily they had me and some other friends to help them through! What if they hadn't??
    I'm just so glad that there are still people like you that acknowledge the fact that there are people out there who have nobody to encourage or help them and do what is within their power to change that!
    Once again, God Bless!

  11. One of my hardships in life is. I got pregnet at da age 18 dropped outta school & my moms kicked me out. I had no one just my unborn & my baby father, so I was force to live wit him & his mother. Things got worst when my son was born. I didn't have no job, my baby father wanted to run da streets & his moms was on drug so I knew I had to get outta there asap. So I went back to school finished up my half of year put my son in daycare. After I was graduated, I went & found a job. I worked my ass off at work. Now I'm 23yrs old wit a 4yr old son & I have my own crib. I'm in school studyin to be a nurse I'm still single cause money & my son is on my mind.I would do anything for my son he's da only person that truly loves me. When u do what u have to do to get where u wanna be in life nothing else really matters. I'm a single mother his father don't do shit for him but I look at it like its his father lost not ours cause we got each other. I luv life & gonna keep doin what I have to do for me & mine.
    Lloyd ur a good person at heart, I don't know u but I can tell. Keep doin what ur doin I know ur family is proud of u & all ur fans are too. Just know Queenofheartz20 is here til da end. *Muah*
    I go by a lot of name but my real name is Anisha C

  12. As it goes I've always expressed how proud I am of you as If we were related. I've always known you were more than the eye could see and that's what sets you apart from the rest. Your heart and drive are the things that will keep you going over a long career. Sharing your story is a wonderful thing and it takes great strength. Keep it going love, I hope to see you in NYC again someday :0) I'll Bring my cousin Michael Who lost his mom and father within 6 months of each other. I think he could learn a lot from you.

    All Love

  13. Lloyd you remind me of my father all the time. the personal that you are reminds me of how excellent of a father my dad is. my father is a wonderful man and he helps alot of people everyday in the community. you are very sweet like my father also. i admire you more that just being a singer but for the person that you are. i'm very sorry that you lost your father at a young age. your mom did an excellent job raising you as a wonderful and caring man. i just wish that more young men out here in this world was like you. unfortunately there's not alot of men out there like you. i'm very proud of you for always being reponsible and dealing with things. i know one day you will be an awesome father to your kids.! god bless you lloyd.! =)

  14. I have lived with my father all my life until I went off to college. My father had an addiction, so it felt like I lived with a stranger. I feared for the life of my mother, brother, father, my own, and even others. It was hard growing up and dealing with all of the hallucinations, sicknesses, rumors, and near death experiences. After 22 years in 2008 my father went to rehab. I have a daddy, he is now someone who I can confide in and love very much. The things that my family went through made us more appreciative of life and of each other. They are the most important people in my life and I couldn't imagine being without all of them.

  15. I have been struggling with twice the pain not having a mother or father or evan a positive role model in my life. I always felt something was missing in my heart..I was unloved and mentally in group homes and just wondering why nobody loved me..So as I grew up I turned to jesus and he showed me the light and his love..but now im facing something more painful..I have a beautiful 3 year old son who is fatherless because his dad prefers to be with someone lightskin with green eyes and who can take care of him..He has only seen him once..It really really hurts me to see other fathers loving there sons and spending so much time with them..but It also brings joy to my heart when I see a FATHER taking care of his responsibility..I am a strong black woman taking care of what god has blessed me to have..With lots of prayer I believe you can overcome ANYTHING..
    So for anybody who is facing pain in there life because there father is gone or whatever the reason may be..just forgive him, pray about it and keep love in your heart because ''LOVE CONQUERS ALL''
    Yeah it's crazy cause however I feel I just go and record it..
    Another thing please please and this is to the men only..-- just because your father wasnt there for you..never ever make an excuse for you not being able to care for your child..we have to make this world a better place and love more..this world is already full of evil ..OMG I could go on for weeks..To LLOYD:-)
    I can see your Mother raised you right and whoever that lucky lady is or when she comes (and by the way im single) (LOL) and ya'll get married and have children I know you will be a A+ father..N E Ways takecare love!!!!

  16. the hardship that i had to overcome would be me losing my grandma. she passed 2 days after my highschool mom and grandma raised me to be a levelheaded young lady. but when she past i felt alone, because the only person who understood me was no longer here with me. im glad that you are taking the time out to listen to other people stories, because sometimes that is all they want,for someone to listen.

    Thank You for LISTENING

  17. Well here's my story: My dad was murdered when I was 9 it was very hard losing a parent..I was a daddy's girl I dont have anything left of him, family being stingy with his property.. It's even more going on now my grandma passed away at the begining of Oct. and buried my 4mth old cousin yesterday...Its good what your doing I think every child has a right to have both parents in there lives instead of having someone take them away.

  18. Lloyd it's always so refreshing to hear your words of encouragement, I love the fact you give back to the community and show that you care it's one of the reasons why I think your amazing. I mean you have been through so much hardship in your life yet you have such a positive outlook on life I've had problems here and there as we all have but one thing that helps me through is your music so thank you for sharing your talents with us & for being the man that you are, I'm sure a lot of ppl can learn a thing or two from you Stay blessed =)

  19. Growing up I was the only one out of 4 siblings (im the youngest 21, 22 in december) with a different father, at 1st it used to make me feel odd, i neva really knew the man that was my bio dad. My mom said I met him when a was lil but she lost contact with him. i wouldnt recognize him if I saw him today.My siblings' dad was always nice to me but I never got close to him to consider him my dad. he would come to pick them up most of the time and take me with them once in a while like if it was a holiday. He didnt live with us either, i only saw him sometime. When I was younger, it seemed as if every male influence in my life was negative,a step father who was in jail for half of my life and was verbally abusive to my mom , a male cousin who stole from the fam, and an uncle who was a drug abuser. As a teenager it was hard for me to get into relationships because i didnt have a positive view of males in my life. But when I got older, my big brother went into the military for 6 years, when he got out he married his girlfriend had 2 kids and got a job for the cia,the reason i'm tellin dis story is b/c even though i cant really say i had ne one who was a father figure in my life, I looked for another option and found a positive image of black men in particular in my brother,even though hes not perfect, imo he is a good role model for both myself and his kids
    I think that a positive role model male and female is very important for kids growing up even though a dad may not be there, a brother an uncle, etc., may be a fine role model for kids, thank you lloyd for this blog it feels good to tell my story

    p.s. i live in mount vernon,NewYork Idk if you'll be over here ne time soon but if you do it would be good for the kids if you would vist the boys and girls club here and talk to the kids about role models thanx!

    sorry about your dad may he r.i.p

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  21. Okay I can't leave without giving a shout to your mom Ms. Robin. You are a true, true example of what she has done. She had 2 be a mother & father 2 young men! I mean a mother can show a young man 2 a mountain, but a father has 2 show them how to climb it. She overcome those obstacles & challenges, she done them both a strong woman. It speaks for itself when looking at you. It always start at home so I applaud her & I'm giving her an standing OVATION! She is an (PHENOMENAL WOMEN)

  22. Umm messed up the 1st time lol..Okay I'm behind, been busy lol! I can't relate to not having a father in my life, b/cuz I have always had my father and mom. However I am a single parent the mother of one daughter. So I had to be the mother & father, I have to play both roles. I watched my daughter not having her father around, it was always at his convenience. When I ended the relationship years ago, he started acting funny I think it was to get back at me. The only person that was being hurt was my daughter! I had just refuse to let anything or anyone that didn't make me break me. I'm not made out of glass, so I don't break easily. I have always had my FAMILY here for me big help & support. How did I overcome it?? It's all of God and me just standing strong, I'm still going to take of mines regardless. I mean when all the thick black smoke & dust cleared up I'm still HERE. So Lloyd what you are doing is GREAT! Your always giving back and all that you have without, expection or an award of recognition. Alot of youths in todays world can really use someone like yourself & many more like you. These children don't need the next new pair of Jordans etc..They need LOVE someone to be there for them to listen to them. I mean take time with them the best tool anybody can give to any child is UNCONITOINAL LOVE & QUALITY TIME. I applaud you Lloyd on everything you do, sometimes it's better to be of service to succeed anyday. You can and will open up the eyes & inspire many children. You are what the world really need right now for the children. Thank you for your time, energy, knowledge the giving of yourself, but more importantly all the information you share about your experiences and speaking with the youth..God will Forever Bless You..Much love & Resepct xoxo

  23. You are definitely an example of how men should be nowadays. For me also I had no male role model cause my dad left my mom & I for another woman when I was 4. Mom constantly worked so I didn't really go out of the house much. We moved to Washington to be near her family when I was 9 after my grandma passed. During my time there I was ah... sexually abused by a distant cousin. It never go all the way to sex (thank god) but it was still abuse. I managed to use music as an outlet as well by playing in the band & choir. The best way to overcome things is to find a GOOD outlet for them. I did horseback riding, sports, martial arts and music. I'm just so glad I didn't go down the wrong path & look to drugs. If I had then I could have been one seriously messed up individual. We are given life to make the most of it, not waste it on bad decisions. No one can force you to make a decision, just influence them. You can still say yes or no. Sure life may seem rotten sometimes, but look towards the good that COULD be. And you are a prime example of that Lloyd, keep going with your music & be the great man we all know you can be.

    Much love,

  24. I'm french so I don't speak english very well
    But I just want to say: what you are doing is very wonderful... I can't believe you are only 23. You don't think only about pointless (I don't know if it's the correct world) things. You are using your celebrity to help people.
    I'm 21 and my father left my mother when she was pregnant of me (his second child). Fortunately my mother met a really good man. He lives with us for 16 years. I'm so happy to have a father because to me HE is my father. It's so important to grow with a man at home!!
    Much love

  25. One thing my Family has always taught me is that we learn through our experiences. Anything given to you is not worth taking. Something worked for is worth much more. As a young black mother I have experienced alot of things that have made me such a Strong Black Woman.I've made mistakes in my life but I have learned from my mistakes which have made me into the person that I am today. Sometimes we need to humble ourselves and sometimes God places things and people in and out of your life to put us on the path we belong. I just thank God that he blessed me to be as motivated and focused as I am. I do what I do for my Family and I don't rely on anyone but myself. B/c if I fail at something I can't blame no one but myself. You win some you lose some but you live to fight another day. You get up and brush ya self off and keep on moving. I just turned 25 I'm a single mom, I take care of mine, I have a good job,I have my B.S degree, Finna pursue Grad school, and I just bought my first home in July. God is Good! My favorite phrase is" YOU GOTTA GET SUM HUSTLA BOUT YOURSELF". What I mean bout that is you gotta get out there and do what you gotta do for you and yours. No one said it was going to be easy. "No Struggle No Progress"!As long as my son is happy has no worries, he has what he needs and some of the things he wants.I'm GOOD! It's been many times I had to ask God can I handle this?.. and I look in the mirror everyday and guess what I'm still standing!

    But in regards to getting more involved in the community..I think that is a great idea. We need more men like you to get involved in the community and help the youth. A woman can teach a child many things but we can't teach a child how to become a man. If you can touch just one child you have made a difference.
    I just amend you for being so humble and I can actually say you keep it 100.

  26. you are sooo sweet n reading what you wrote makes my heart miss a beat..when it comes to celebs i dnt really bother ca there still just ordinary ppl who think there betta than others. ur the 1 n only person i absolutly adore n will travel the world to see, i lived with my nan n grandad who both wasnt my blood,but was better than, because my mum had been abused by her dad growing up then by my father she was beaten n he took every penny she got. my grandad died wen i was 8 n my nan wen i was 13 my heart felt ripped out as they was like my parents, they gave me the best up bringing i could ask for, i kinda failed as i stopped goin school and i started to be a hood chick chillin wiv all the boys, 1 of my closest friends got killed along with another guy when they done a shoot out that all turned pearshaped. since then i have got with 1 of my friends n we've had a little boy, we r now tryin to sort out our lifes but i'm still pissed off about the way he's treated me, i dnt wana hear prison talk so i'm just guna wait n see how he is when he cums home, i'm only 20 but most ppl say i seem older because of how i am... anyway you keep up the good work, n the posotive thinking cause you've gotta remember theres always other ppl who are sufferin 2..bless your mother aswell because she has raised a fabulous man like you....bless 1 xx

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  28. I Feel that what u Are doing by just being willing to be honest and open up about your personal experiences. That alone helps me as a Young Mother raising a son who's father feels like everything in life is more important than his Son. My son is an amazing child great student he also loves music and channels life's negatives to that. Very proud of Him and You I love All of your music.