Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Set Me Free" hits #1 on!

“Love King” The-Dream is dethroned this week, moving down to second place as Lloyd‘s “Set Me Free” (formerly #8) claims first. Two new features make their debut this go-round: Booth newcomer Alexis Jordan comes in ninth with “Happiness,” and Rocki Evans takes 19th with “Fantastic.” Down from last week’s Top Picks lineup, Bobby Valentino‘s “Stilettos & T-Shirt” lands in fourth. No longer charting are J. Holiday‘s “Pretty Body” and Brutha‘s “One Day on This Earth.”


  1. u R a rarity, it's all in the eyes u see. Polite | purifying like daylight. Goldie a name so darnn smelly | that element what it represents. 4 the one that ascents. remember, knowledge lives inside of u from genuine wisdom u descent. anything is possible. i know this cuz like u my daddy missed out on watching me bloom. a mothers love molded my hearts volume. u share ur a bday with her how random ? authenticity charms a ♑'s personality. stay true the way u do. float with the melodies show the wannabees
    the notoriety | fame is but a dying flame it's the music we should reclaim | inflame. Oneness = where it's at | In lak'ech

    ♥ from Dutchie

  2. That's what I'm talkin about!Lets get get get it!! Gotta keep it on the top 5. The people obvious know good music when they hear it. Congrats on a job well done!