Monday, October 18, 2010

Throwback video of the week! Lloyd with former childhood group N-Toon! Interview and music video!

Check out these classic clips of Lloyd with his childhood group N-Toon!

N-Toon Group Interview:

N-Toon "Ready" Music Video:


  1. soo times go by ha ;)....

  2. Lol I remember these. Ready was my jam!

  3. You look like your old self again :) except your head and nose is longer Lol :-)

  4. WOW... Lloyd, you was just too cute!... I just wanted to eat you up as your younger self!... I've never heard or even seen a kid so in tune with things going on around them! You my dear was destint for greatness!... You was always the Star in N-toons and look at you now!... Perfection... Keep the old footages coming! I would love to see more of the younger you!...

  5. :p U got the same head, u're veryy cuute !
    I'M CRAZY ABOUT UUUUUUU !!!! :) <3

  6. "Ready" and "Do you believe" was my jam back in my youngin days. Oh.. let me not forget about... (singing)" Roses r red, violets r blue....I'm not sure but I think I'm in love wit you." I know they were getting all the girls in the school yard with this joint!!!LMAO! Shoot.. I even had the poster on my wall and I remember my mom bought me the cassette for my boom box. Man...some good throw back!
    It's so funny how even at a young age Lloyd was such a young professional/little businessman. He was too cute!

  7. YourVoiceRelaxesMeNovember 8, 2010 at 9:16 AM

    Awwwwwwwww, Lloyd was such a cute little boy and now such a handsome young man.

    You keep giving this world love songs sweetie, because as much as I love rap, I think it took away from & damaged black love.