Monday, February 14, 2011

Lloyd's Valentine's Day Top 10's...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Top 10 Songs for Valentine’s Day
10. Usher- Nice & Slow
9. Maxwell- A Woman’s Work
8. John Mayer- Your Body is a Wonderland
7. Cold Play- Yellow
6. Nat King Cole- Unforgettable
5. R.Kelly- Your Body’s Callin’
4. Prince- Adore
3. Jodeci- Forever My Lady
2. Michael Jackson- Lady in my Life
1. Frank Sinatra- My Funny Valentine
Top 10 Romantic Gifts to Get Your Guy

10. Cologne (Creed)
9. Stripper Pole
8. Tattoo of my name
7. Ménage ‘a Trois
6. Get yourself pampered to look your best (hair, nails, bikini wax, etc.)
5. Get yourself some new lingerie
4. Lap dance
3. Full body massage (with a happy ending!)
2. Bottle of wine (anything that's old and hard to pronounce)
1. Home cooked meal (doesn't matter what the meal is, we'll probably skip it and go straight for dessert!)

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