Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fan video pick of the day (submit your Lloyd video)!!

Submitted by MagnificentBabyy (Youtube)

"Lloyd @ L.E.F Dec 5 '09 In Holland"

Submit your fan video by dropping the link as a comment and it may get posted next!


  1. Me and my daughter are fans. And LL


    my nephew is a ladies man NOTE:thsi is how you get the ladies lol


    I was at Lloyd's latest Photoshoot over the summer helping out my boy Diwang Valdez who was the Photographer for his shoot...was a great time helping out for the shoot!

  4. Ok lloyd I'm not going to clog your blog lol but as always I'll continue giving you unconditional love & espousal for your success and hard work. You're about to embark on something even bigger and better...just continue being your sweet sexy self and creating more awesome music..see ya soon boo :)

    yours truely,


  5. Hey Lloyd I just want to say that I love you and your music every scent N-toon I know your not READY lol I've been a fan I even got to see you three time in Sav. When I got the job at Citi Trends you were there I got to take pictures with you. I have then and would like to share all I need is for you to let me know.

  6. Here are my videos from Lloyd's recent performance in Chicago:

    Girls Around The World:

    Set Me Free & Get It Shawty:



    No copyright infringement intended. No rights owned.

  8. City News

    Lloyd at 3rd Annual Saving Our Sisters Summit.

    He talked to his female fans and they chased him when he goes backstage.

  9. Ay was hanin big country. I see you out der reppin ya hood like ya should. Honestly I don't care if anyone else say dis or not, you are ma favorite singer. I, myself am a great singer and I'm tryin na get into the studio. I'm 15 yrs old so you know how it is when it comes ta set backs and stuff like that. I go home EVRY single day and sing your songs for at least an hour. Mainly because I wana be able ta sing just like you. You are seriously an inspiration ta me. and that hair... na das straight G. I ain't tryn na jock o nuthin like that, but cuz, was yo secret? Ay hopefully I'll be able ta meet you some day and do numerous songs wit you and even hang wichu if we get dat cool. I don't know if I'm supposed to give you out my actual email address on a posted comment on the site but it's worth it if you email me back and we set somethin up. I heard about the way you met up with Lil Wayne and was hopin that you could help me accomplish the same thing. I'm proud of what you've done. keep it up. Ma email address is and the thing may say Cepeda but that's because I'm using my Dad's email address. my name is Jhabriel[Jubril] Munoz[Munyoez].Im gone be real wichu, ma family ain't livin in na state hood no more, but we sorta stugglin na stay where we at. Ima b prayin na hear back from you Lloyd. peace and God Bless. Oh and I Love your song "Beautiful."I think it was a sign that me n you should hook up as brotherz and make our Lights shine even brighter.

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