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December 14, 2009:
Today Lloyd releases his first “post Murder Inc.” project, a FREE 8-song EP titled, Like Me: The Young Goldie EP, available for download via his blog at An impressive lineup of artist and producers were assembled to complete the project, including Lil Wayne, Drake, Bun-B, The Runners, Cool & Dre, Nicki Minaj, J. Holiday, and others. The lead single “Pusha” with Lil Wayne is quickly spreading across the country.

Of the EP, Lloyd says, “Some of the songs are personal to me. I’m speaking about life experiences, and taking it back to the beginning.” He went on to say, “We wanted to show people things that they’ve never seen or heard from me before... from the music to the artwork.”

Not only are some of the songs more personal than what Lloyd fans may be use to, the EP’s design includes several photos of a young Lloyd, adding a piece of his personal history to every download.

Lloyd continues to work on his 4th studio album due out in 2010, and can be heard assisting Lil Wayne, Drake and the rest of the Young Money crew on their new hit single “Bedrock”.


  1. 1ST!!!!!

    Wonderful from the beginning to the end!!!!

    Lloyd is the best !!!! ;-)

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  3. This EP is definitely one to be heard! The vocals are amazing, Im loving it!!

    I can hear the sincerity in Lloyd's voice especially on Think of Me and Everyday!

    Much Love Always,
    Tattoo Lady! (Think I need a new one now, u are my inspiration)

  4. Lloyd,
    I absolutely love this EP! It was well worth the wait. I think you have definitely showed people that you can handle your own since leaving the INC. My favorties would have to be Pusha ( of course ), What You Want feat. Mack Maine ; ya`ll went hard on that , Pro In The Game, and last but not least A Night Off feat. Drake. I been riding with you since N-Toon and I`m a ride til` the wheels fall off. Your the freaking best! People have slept on your incredible talent for a while, but your lucky star is shining & something tells me 2010 is going to be your year for the great success and the recognition that you deserve =)

    Keoshia Inez
    - Would say your #1 fan, but that so typical. ( follow me! )

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  6. it was really worth the wait! The EP is already on my iPod, I keep repeating your songs. I especially like 'Pusha', 'Take it off', 'A night off' and 'Like me'. I admire you Lloyd, can not live without your music anymore! <3

  7. i got your next single.
    please hit me up.

  8. Lloyd, I love the EP. I can't wait until your album drops. Lil Wayne is the Best Rapper alive. And you are the Best Singer alive. Keep up the good work.

  9. I really really really love the EP Lloyd!! thank you so much for producing such an incredible record, each track is awesome but my favorites have to be Think Of Me and Pro In the Game the lyrics go hard and... damn it Lloyd how do you do it? I can't stop listening to it lol! ur an amazing talent keep doing ur thing! Can't wait for the album gonna be hot I'm sure of it =)

  10. a few of my favorite song is the single featuring Mack mane, pro in the game, everyday, and another single but i've forgot the title, otherwise the ep is fine, with this EP I know the LP is going to be a bigger banger, keep up the good work babez and keep the bangers rolling in eow! :-)

  11. here is my review over at my blog (it's a good review!)

  12. I freakin love it! I have become addicted to What You Want ft. Mack Maine but I fell in love with Like Me when I first heard it on MySpace. Your vocals are CRAZY on Think of Me(another of my favorites). Anyway, I love the whole thing. Keep up the good work babe. Looking forward to the upcoming album. By the way, when are you coming to Dallas? I haven't seen you in a while!

  13. “Like Me” For starters that’s a great title. A new starts. The First release under 100% Young Goldie Music! I could tell from then u was going to exposes a different part of your self in your music in a way fans could even relate even more. The First single ‘Pusha’ is a track that purposely gets stuck in your head. ‘Like Me’ had myself and a few of my friends really vibin to it. If it in the car, at work, Or even on the way to a Tampa club( Or clubs) we was like “Like meeeeeeee” another great track, wt a add on FT By Bun-B. Me personally I don’t think u needed to add him to the track, It already stood out loud. But it was good to see you work wt another artist that I have not seen u work wt( Or I don’t remember) You have MANY Stand out tracks on the EP. Like for example the song “Pro in the game” Wow mixing “Lil Wayne”’ Go DJ’ And “Jay-Z” Verse in it too gave it some more shine. It blind in JUST PERFECT … Lyrics was on sure on Point, There was no if and buts about that. Beat was ON TOP. Wit h that song follow up another catch song “Think Of Me” Which happens to be my favorite out of the EP! Like I came to the point I could listen to that in my room on my ipod. And close my eyes and be a little stress out, It could feel like you are RIGHT There. I only had that experience wt only less then 5artist and for that to happen to “think of me” Had me like ‘WOW, Im in love wt this song to DEATH.’ Now the features, WOW…. Nicki Minaj. I love the YM Princess. And then “Rich Boy” Man when I heard him I was like “Oh there he is, And he BACK And on POINT”. Now with every Album, EP, Or even Mixtape there is Always 1 Dislike…Like it or not. Well wt your EP I find the default is that tracks came out too too soon and to many of them. Like “Like me, Pusha, Take It off. And even a nite off” And then “Everyday” which was leak wt out rich boy part and was called ‘beautiful’ I feel like the excitement of the EP Went down. (Well for me it did a little, Knowing there will be only 3 ½ new tracks) So other then the that everything is nothing but positive about the EP. I Heard lots of growth (voice wise and lyrics to the point we the fans can connect even more. For this to be your FIRST Individual project you did GREAT! Starts 5/5! Cant wait till Your album in 2010,You never let the fans down.

  14. i love u so much lloyd can u please follow me on twitter at eria09

  15. The Like Me EP was so good I felt like it was to good to be free, You gave us a glimpse into your world on "Like Me" and how you been on your grind and how you came from the bottom
    and went to the top through hard work and ambition & how dedicated you are to the craft. On "Pro in the game" Just to say how you wanted to make your mom proud and u would do anything to make her smile and how she belonged in the sky cause she was a star was so beautiful to put in a song. You still got hood and sexy on "What U Want", "Pusha",
    and "Take it Off" everything was clean and grown nuthing raunchy or derogatory you have to turn down if your mom and aunts walks in the room. "Think of me" was so emotional and shows you have incredible musical versatility and appeal to not just an R&B audience, the song is very comforting and feels like
    your telling the listener directly that if your ever going thru anything just think of you and it actually sounds as if your saying it directly to me which is truly amazing. I cant name favorites the whole EP is my FAVORITE! You have really went above and beyond to show love to the fans with the free downloads, videos on youtube, twitter,kyte,
    saynow, myspace so in return we will continue to support all Young Goldie projects and be behind Lloyd the artist and person 120% because you never left us hanging. Just with your projects released through Young Goldie you are proving all thehaters(including Gotti) wrong and that your not a one hit wonder or a record label clone but a REAL musician with a pure passion for the art and craft of music and with or without a major label you will be a undeniable force in music for decades to come. Merry Christmas to you & thank you for your gift of music, WE LOVE YA LLOYD<3

  16. a real awesome cohesive job Lloyd. I hope and know you will be smart with your deal choice...hope the tape gets some songs on the radio...u got one of the most distingueshed voices so utilize it good luck much luv

  17. I Love this EP

    1. Like Me (10/10)
    2. Pusha (10/10)
    3. Take It Off (9/10)
    4. What You Want (9/10)
    5. Think of Me (9/10)
    6. Everyday (10/10)
    7. Pro In The Game (8/10)
    8. A Night Off (10/10)

    the EP is 93% good Keep Making Good Muzik :)

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  20. i am like obsessed with Lloyd but every time you come to England i never hear about your tours i think you need to improve on your tour advertisement because it would be a dream come true to meet you...i live near Portsmouth and there was a time you were supposed to come i even got my VIP ticket for some unknown reason the show was cancelled.

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