Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Video Interview: Lloyd sat down with Fun X Radio in The Netherlands for Slow Jamz week! Discusses R.Kelly, Ashanti, John Legend...

Lloyd visited radio station FunX in the Netherlands for an in-depth interview. He was asked seven questions about Slow Jamz. See what he has to say about R.Kelly, Ashanti, John Legend and more...

Shout out to Esperanza and Fun X! For more info on FunX Slow Jamz week with Lloyd, click here.


  1. (Speaks in Lady Eloise Voice)-Lloyd I've got a surprise for youuuuuuuuu...LMAOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  2. slow jams of the week with Lloyd is year of the lovers!

  3. I agree with Lloyd with the old jams.. if it's finna go DOWN...Stick with the PROS throw in a oldie you can neva go wrong. LOL!!