Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Rocawear prestnets Everybody's Hatiian PSA with Wale, Terrance J, Miss Info, Lloyd, J.Cole and others!

Found on flystylelife
ROCAWEAR PRESENTS: EVERYBODY’S HAITIAN is a 3 minute public service announcement encouraging everyone to contact the agency of their choice to develop a long tern contribution plan for the rebuilding o Haiti. The program’s THEflyGIRL, with the help of ROCAWEAR, assembled a cast of cameos of some of the most recognizable names in Music, Radio, Television and even the world of Blogging. Wale, J. Cole, Lloyd, Miss Info, and Terrance J are just some of the recognizable faces in the PSA that will deut on Roc4Life.com soon. Click Here for more info. 


  1. I've saved your pic as my computer background pic last week boo..you already know lol :-)

  2. Haiti is a cause really close to my heart. I love this campaign because I'm half Haitian. Very nice.