Friday, March 26, 2010

DJ Booth reviews Lloyd's "Set Me Free" featuring Mystikal!

"SET ME FREE"- Lloyd feat. Mystikal

Not every prison is made up of concrete and bars. For some artists being trapped in a record deal can feel like a sentence, and that was exactly the case for the always vocally sweet Lloyd, who was recently set loose from his Murder, Inc. contract and signed with Interscope. To celebrate the occasion Young Goldie has released his new track, the aptly titled Set Me Free. Produced by J$Mil, who takes a classic retro-swing song and transforms it into a modern banger, Set Me Free is first and foremost driven by Lloyd’s light vocals, which take on a decided swagger here. Come to think of it, for guest artist Mystikal the prison metaphor is literal as we get to hear his still grimy voice put in work for one of the first times since he was released following a six-year bid...
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  1. I like this track. Nice beat and lyrics. Love Mystikal. I'd love to help promote it on my Philly radio show and on my website. How can I get an interview? You can do it on Blogtalk, or on the phone or in person if you are in Philly.