Monday, July 12, 2010

New Lil Wayne album in September? "I'm Not A Human Being" Viral EP set to drop on his birthday!

Found on HipHopWired

Lil Wayne will be dropping a new project on his birthday entitled "I'm Not A Human Being."
Dropping on his birthday, Wayne's manager Cortez Bryant told Vibe,
“I'm putting out a [Wayne] album called I'm Not A Human Being and I'll probably drop it on his birthday, September 27.”

The album will serve as a prelude to The Carter IV which is scheduled to be released around November when he's also scheduled to be released.

"I'm Not A Human Being" is slated to be an EP of all new songs by The Birdman Jr. and will be released virally.


  1. I'm sure you're aware that I'm one of your most dearest and staunchest stans. I've been supporting you for over three years now, but Unfortunately you're beginning to disappoint me Lloyd. A few other fans also share the same feelings as I do. We feel that you're very choosey with your fans and we think that's utterly unfair. This is the same reason why I no longer follow you on Twitter; However, Twitter isn't the only place where people have noticed your disconnection from your fans. You were the same one who denigrated Ciara for being a Hollywood bitch. I just hope you're not the kettle calling the pot a Hollywood bitch. I just hope your head doesn't outgrow your britches if your forth anticipated album becomes an epic success. Frankly, I'm afraid you're going to morph into a world class asshole because you're already known for being a cocky bastard.I respect you for putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your craft for us. We just want you to spend MORE time with us during your down time. I want to continue supporting you and I hope you read my message and let it marinate.

    Best regards,

    HB the STANatic one :-)