Monday, September 6, 2010

Video: Lloyd cuts his hair in front of the Vibe cameras! [ Exclusieve]

Singer Lloyd was not only known for his crooning but his long luxurious locks. When VIBE broke the news last week that "Mr. Long Hair Don't Care" had taken the clippers to the dome all the internet was a buzz. Watch the big moment and see more pictures of Lloyd's hair makeover.

All photographs shot exclusively for VIBE by Francisco Fran Strine


  1. Lloyd, I must say that I loved your long hair, but I love your heart & your music more! You was the talk of the weekend still is lol. Everyone is still blown away! I'm feeling you and it was so kind of you to share this moment with your fans all over because you could've excluded us! I enjoyed watching this video and that smile on your face...that I'm ready for this change impression was priceless! I'm glad that you're happy! I wish you nothing but the best...So sexy...Luv & admire you!

  2. Lloyd I love how humble and selfless you are. You are simply AMAZING! You are still the man! with/without hair! Muuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! <3 :-)