Friday, May 14, 2010

The King interviews with Larry King. T.I. stops by CNN to talk with Larry King in his first interview since being released from prison!

Found on WSHH & CNN


  1. This world revolves around 2 things.
    Love & Fear.
    He acted like any human being with a normal functioning heart would.
    It happenend to a lot of the greats. HIstory will keep on repeating itself 'till we step out the matrix
    One love.

  2. I love me some T.I.! I got mad respect for him. You know we all are human and we will make mistakes,no man is perfect and no man will ever be. We make mistakes, we learn from our experiences whether good or bad and we move on. That's life! We will not win every battle but that doesn't mean we should give up either. You get up brush ya self off and keep it moving.