Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Video: Lupe Fiasco- "I'm Beamin"


  1. Señor Cortés i have 2 reach out 2 this way & via FB. got a question for ur videoblog.
    do you pay attention 2 ur dreams? by that i dont mean as in aspirations -the ones that made u *beam* ;)
    I mean the dreams @ night when ur sound asleep. do u remember them (generally) and what do they have 2 tell U?
    Love, Stephanie from NL

  2. I love Lupe Fiasco's music! This is my jam!!!Got this joint in heavy rotation. He is a true artist.He speak on that real talk.
    His music really makes you think about real sh*t.

    The video is cute....

  3. Love me sum Lupe! He is truly talented..and this beat is sick! NERD is the best!