Tuesday, August 3, 2010

[Video] Lil Wayne Talks With Funkmaster Flex From Jail

 Lil Wayne called into NY radio station Hot 97 and talked to Funkmaster Flex to give an update on how he's holding up during his prison bid in Rikers Island.
Wayne said upon returning home, he would like to record tracks with Andre 3000 and Tech N9ne and also addressed issues with Eminem as well as his Young Money artists Drake and Nicki Minaj and not wanting to bother them while on lock down. Weezy stated,

"I really don't like to disturb them and bother them in the midst of what they're doing right now because I know they got a lot on their plates every single day so I  really don't like to bother them.  That's my thing with everybody. 

Everybody get mad at me and ask why I don't call  and I be like becauase I don't want to bother.  When you're put in this position...jail... i feel like everytime I pick up the phone to call someone I'm bothering them because i'm in jail and have nothing else better to do..."

Lil Wayne Interview With Funkmaster Flex Part 1

Lil Wayne Interview With Funkmaster Flex Part 2


  1. What's the name of the song at the end please?

  2. hey Lloyd, call him, and talk to him for a while, make him clear that he is missed, and that he is not bother any one!!of course i like songs from him, but i wouldnt say i´m a fan, but like him as a musician,but listen to this interview, made my heart cry...send him love from germany....