Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Video Premier: Young Jeezy feat. Yo Gotti- "All White Everything"

 Produced by Shawty Redd

Check out what direct TAJ said of working with Jeezy...

"He is very hands on, but he's also open to positive suggestions. We've been batting 1000 in terms of what I like versus what he likes. Our styles are very similar. It's been really easy to come together with ideas."


  1. I'm waiting for Yo Gotti's video featuring you :)

  2. This is my shit i like it !!!! I hate french songs maybe i'm mad because i'm french so i need dr dre...LOL but seriously i don't like french songs or raps !!! By the way Paris says: Free Weeezzzyyyy !!!!!

  3. And Lloyd i looooove your voice !!!!!!!!!