Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cupid is #1 Most Added record at Urban Radio!! Thanks to radio stations across the country!!

Thanks to Urban radio programmers and fans across the country for making "Cupid" the #1 Most Added record at Urban radio this week!

Request "Cupid" on your local station now! Click here!

For full list of adds click here.


  1. God answer prayers.

  2. Lloyd, thats wats up man. Im trying to get DJ's down south to play ur music but their all stupid as hell! "Long hair dont care"

  3. I never knew who you were until i heard lay it down remix, your voice stood out then i start to research about you, how can someone with such an Amazing talent and out of this world mind blowing , heart felt songs be so humble and down to earth? your just incredible Lloyd... and i never care for singers actors whatever, you just gat something special you are putting out there man, keep up the good works my prayers are with you...