Friday, March 25, 2011

Video: The Breakfast Club Grills Lloyd On Chris Brown, Personal Issues With Irv Gotti/Ja Rule & Working With R. Kelly

The grill squad at Power 105.1 corner Lloyd on his problems with Irv Gotti, cougars, Chris Brown, collaborating with R. Kelly and having Polow produce his entire album.


  1. I enjoyed the interview. Keep doing what you're doing country pumpkin bumpkin! :D

  2. Lloyd is so FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn intelligence, talent, GREAT LOOKS...WOW!!!! Lloyd has to secretly have a woman. He can't really be single what woman given the chance to be with this man would say NO?? A DUMB BITCH!!!!

  3. Folks always trying to get people to slip up and say something so they can flip it into something else...smh As T.I would say "Everything understood don't need to be discussed". LOL!

    Good interview Lloyd! Stay humble, keep focus, and as always keep it 100!!