Monday, January 16, 2012

Get your tickets to Lloyd's King of Hearts Australian Tour!! The tour kicks off in just over 1 week!!!

Lloyd kicks off a mini Australia/New Zealand Tour on January 25th! Check the schedule and ticket info below...


  1. Come back to jersey my love!!!!

  2. hi it says you are playing in Adelaide at HQ but i cant find any info anywhere. Can u please let me know how i can get tickets please. Im really excited to see you. Thanks a million :D

  3. Since you're on our side of the world why don't you swing over to Guam. We'd LOVE to have you!!!!

  4. Wow!! You are spectacular, I'm in love with every inch of you!!

  5. I saw you twice in London last year on one of the times you held my hand and sung 'lay it down' to me, I must say it was the best moment of my life I cannot explain how it felt....hope to see you back in London soon this time hopefully you can sing 'this is for my baby or Angel to me' I love you :) have fun in Australia babe xxx

  6. 1 of my dreams was 2 meet u... my dream was met 2nite in brisbane... u kissed me... said I smell nice... told me I looked good... gave me the biggest cuddles... twice... said if I cried u wood cry wit me... I told u I LOVE u... u said from the bottom of ur hart u Luv me... told u I had vip ticket numba 1 n u said wow... lol...

    FRom the bottom of my hart... THank u 4 da 1 in a life time experience...

    YOur AMAZING!!

    remember u told me u wood come back VERY soon cause u Luv the place... n if not 4 ne1 else... 4 me... ill keep dat promise.. lol....

    LUv u Lloyd...

    (Ur AMAZING.... Thanks 4 da goodnite kiss...)

  7. I am waiting to see you in California... When you blocked your calender here...

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